In total, there are three major, life giving, life changing, soul awakening questions.
Those are:

What am I doing? - Question which chains thoughts associations of work of your life,
your mission, choice of path and business, your relations towards to business as well as money.

What do I choose in my life? - Question which widens your perception on relations with your inner self
and world, quality of your inner life, happiness in itself, relations with close ones and family.

Who am I? - Huge question which sends you on a never ending journey of self identification,
shakes all your existentiality world of topics like: life, death, freedom and loneliness.

It's good if you already asking this questions yourself - to Your Self.
In this case, those questions already have widen your gaze on life. But in the same time
they, sometimes, make life even harder, by making it hard to accept the answers.

And if you not asking any of those questions - that's makes your life even harder.
By making you confused, unsure of what is happening in your life, as well as why and
how it is happening.

I devoted my life to get and bring you the knowledge of how to start asking those questions,
and how to answer them.
And that knowledge is called: Psychotherapy and Life Coaching.
So if I have got you interested, lifted up your spirit or at least picked up your curiosity -
then be sure to proceed to other links where I will introduce myself properly, tell you about
my council programs and, I hope, start your change in life.
Just make your first step.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..." - Confucius

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